Job Opportunities After MRCP

Feb 4 / SsAcademy

Details & Job Opportunities after MRCP are given below:


We know, your dream is to have a career in medicine. So can you think of a way to get worldwide recognition? Yes, you are right - we are talking about MRCP.

"MRCP can be achieved in just 3 years with proper preparation"

What is MRCP?
This is a membership of the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom which has to be achieved through Part-I, Part-II and PACES Clinical through these 3 steps.


The Royal College of Physicians has a long 500-year tradition of recognizing qualified physicians through quality testing in the development of medical practice.

Why do MRCP?
By preparing for each step of the MRCP exam, you will become proficient in so much medicine, which is very important to give your patient the best possible treatment.


Achieving this degree combines and expands clinical skills and judgment as there are guidelines for various diseases, syllabus containing research and scenario based questions of the actual patient.

After passing this exam, you get the opportunity to work as a Specialist Registrar in the UK.


Apart from the United Kingdom, it is possible to earn a minimum of BDT 5 lakh to BDT 15 lakh per month by working in reputed hospitals in other countries of the world like Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE. Even for those who are planning to pursue a career in Australia, MRCP in your CV will put you ahead of other candidates in the race to get the job.


Not only medicine, but also other sub-specialties of medicine can be built through proper training.

When is the time to prepare for MRCP -

• Newly passed MBBS or doing internship

• Those who are already working outside Bangladesh

• Those who are interested in migrating to the UK as doctors from other countries

General practitioners, who did MBBS many years ago

•Those who are not doing post-graduation even after repeated examinations


Although it is a bit expensive, it is very timely to get established quickly or to put an international badge next to the name. For good reason, everyone is very curious about this. So the preliminary information is discussed.

Preliminary information:

1. When, how to apply for MRCP exam?

Answer: After passing MBBS and completing one-year internship, a candidate can apply in the next session.


2. What is the test method and how many steps does it take?

Answer: The MRCP test is basically done in three steps. Part-1, Part-2 (written), and PACES Clinical.

MRCP Part-1:
Exams are usually held in January, May and September each year. You have to apply online for the exam. In this case, the possible test time is given on the website. Registration can be done at a convenient time. Their official website is The registration fee for this country is 594 GBP. Part-I examination is conducted in two papers and each paper has 100 questions. A total of 200 questions in two papers. The time limit for each paper is 3 hours.

MRCP Part-2:
MRCP Part-2 (Written) Part-1 is held in three sessions every year. Part-II examinations are usually conducted in these three sessions in March, June and October. The probable date of the test can be confirmed by visiting the aforementioned website. There is no time limit for Part-II examination. After passing Part-1, you can apply for the exam in any session.


You also need to register online for the Part-II exam. Like Part-1, Part-2 also costs 594 GBP for the exam. According to the recent decision of the Royal College of Physicians, from 2018, there will be two papers in Part-2 written examination which will be held on the same day as Part-1. Each paper has 90 questions, the time limit is 3 hours.


Part-1, Part-2 can be registered online and taken part in the examination under the British Council at the Royal College recognized Dhaka examination center. However, if the registration is delayed, you can also participate in centers outside Dhaka such as Kolkata or Chennai.

3. Can MRCP exam be given from the country?
Answer: Part-1, Part-2 can be registered online and participated in the examination at the Royal College recognized Dhaka Examination Center (under the British Council). However, if the registration is delayed, you can also participate in centers outside Dhaka such as Kolkata or Chennai.

4. Where is the MRCP clinical examination to be given and what is the cost?
Bangladesh has not yet approved any examination center recognized by Royal College for MRCP PACES examination. To participate in this test, one has to apply for online registration in UK (UK), India (Kolkata, Chennai), Oman, Brunei, UAE, Malaysia, Kuwait etc. The registration fee for taking the test at UK centers is 758 GBP. The registration fee for the test in the rest of the country is 1202 GBP.


There are 5 stations in MRCP clinical examination. At the stations, the examinee's clinical judgment, conversation with the patient, empathy, proficiency in various system tests, counseling, ability to take the patient's history are tested.

5. Does MRCP exam require any training?
 MRCP-Clinical examination mentions at least two years of training but there is no obligation.


. What paperwork does it take to apply online?

You need to fill out an application form online for each exam. You can pay the registration fee online through credit card along with filling the application form for Part-1 exam. In addition, a photocopy of the MBBS certificate must be attested by the British Council or an authorized person of the Royal College and sent by courier to the designated address.


*How will SsAcademy help you achieve MRCP?

Repeatedly failing exams due to partial and inappropriate preparation will undoubtedly damage your confidence and morale. SsAcademy helps you prepare for the test. This does not waste your precious time on random preparation.


• This is not a discussion of important topics, but a detailed discussion of how to remember every important thing that comes up in the exam and how to use that knowledge in the exam.


 •Exam-centric alignment among like-minded candidates, regular examinations in suitable environment, and professionalism of the academy as well as smooth discipline help to keep a candidate's attention focused on preparation.


• If a class is missed for logical reasons, a student can make up for it through a video class. There is also the facility to do the only complete and detailed online course in the world for Part-1 and 2 (written).


•Imagine, in just 3 years, you will be (almost) a world-renowned specialist physician! This requires thorough training, proper guidance and concentrated pursuit. SsAcademy will help you prepare better in the light of long 12 years of experience.


Where are you working, what are you working on and how much time will you spend thinking about it? MRCP will open the door of immense possibilities for you to build yourself world class, to give the best service to the patient, to ensure proper practice of medicine.