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ECG is one of the most important initial cardiac test which is prerequisite for diagnosing any cardiac diseases. That’s why, knowledge of ECG tracing and making a good interpretations become an integral part of training of all medical professionals including Medical Students, Doctors of any Specialties, Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, Gynecologists etc. and even for the Nurses too.
This ECG-MASTERCLASS course will provide learning about ECG in such an unique, easy & effective way so that an initial learners to specialists can sharpen their knowledge about ECG & their interpretations & this course will master you to do the best in any examinations like MRCP, FSPS, MD/MS, MMed, etc.
This ECG-MASTERCLASS course includes 10+ hours of Lectures including Board Lectures, Slide Lectures, Knowledge Best Application’ lectures & Mock Test at the end in that unique fashion, after doing this course you will do the best in any exams or in your clinical practices. 
[ECG Masterclass]
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  Course Overview
  • 6 Hours+ Video Lectures
  • Complete Lecture Notes 
  • A Full Set of Questions Bank
  • 300+ Mock Test
  • Knowledge Based Approach
  • Final Mock
ECG Master Class is a Online Course of 7+ Hour Video Lectures, Question Based on ECG & Lecture Notes & Mock Test at the End. A Complete Online Guideline for Candidates.