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This Free Trial for Davidson, you will have the TRAILER of the full course but for your own benefits, you are recommended to ENROLL for the full course; because in our statistics, candidates usually after the free trial they ENROLL the course immediately after that and get the SUCCESS by passing their exams in their FIRST ATTEMPTS. Now ENJOY the FREE TRIAL. 
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  • Studio Filmed
  • Medium of Instruction: Bengali
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What Will You Get
In Full Course!

Video Lectures

Complete Video Lectures


MAKE NOTES on every steps what stations you are enjoying because NOTES = PERSEVERANCE = REPETETIONS = MEMORZING = PASS.


Every information you need that are UPADATED based on the current evidence and GUIDELINES.

Smart Classroom

Whole course is conducted via Smart Board


An ttendence certificate will be provided from the system after completion of the Course.

Academic Support

Academic Support is provided 24/7 through Telegram My Mentor Group.