Electrolytes & Acid Base Balance
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Comprehensive KNOWLEDGE, clear CONCEPTION & data INTERPRETATION on Electrolytes including Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Phosphorus (P) and Acid-Base balance disorders including Metabolic Acidosis/Alkalosis, Respiratory Acidosis/Alkalosis & ultimately confidently ABG (Arterial Blood Gas) analysis and reporting correctly is must to learn for any post-graduate examinations including the MRCP-Part-1 & 2, FCPS-Part-1 & 2, MD-Residency etc. This course is designed with Lecture notes discussion, video lectures & hundreds of Questions & Explanations on all electrolytes and their different disorders, acid-base imbalances and ABG-analysis. And this course on Electrolytes, Acid-Balance disorders & ABG-analysis & reporting will train you the best possible way and definitely after that, you will be MASTERED on this particular topics and that will contribute you to PASS your any post-graduate exams in first ATTEMPT & ultimately to be a GOOD PHYSICIAN as well.
Electrolytes & Acid Base Balance
For MRCP 1/2, FCPS 1/2,
MD Residency & any PG Exams
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  Course Overview
  • 6 Hours+ Video Lectures
  • Lecture Note Discussion
  • 270+ Mock Test