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A Day Long Intensive Course To Guide MRCP Aspirants In Best Possible Way To Complete MRCP Journey In 1st Attempt.

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Part 1  and Part 2 Course
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  Day Long Course in Delhi
10,000 ₹  5,000 ₹ / 100GBP 49 GBP
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SsAcademy is excited to announce a one-day intensive course for MRCP UK/Ireland preparation, happening in Delhi on May 11, 2024. Secure your spot now.

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Enroll at 49 GBP
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Don't let this opportunity slip away! Enroll now in our transformative course designed for MRCP candidates, available for a limited time at the special price of 49 GBP or 5,000 INR. Start your path to success and see what our past participants have to say in the feedback section below.
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We will let you know the venue before 1 week

Date & Time
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 MRCP Part 1 & 2
11 May 2024


09:00AM to 06.00 PM (Indian Time)

Course Price
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5,000 INR / 50 GBP
The course is unique, efficient & appropriate for MRCP Part - 1 and Part - 2 Preparation. Check the Course Facilites below: 
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Discussion of IMPORTANT, hot & difficult Topics. Discussion of IMPORTANT, hot & difficult topics.


The course is highly interactive classes. Presenting all the hard topics in easy way. 

Topics Demonstration

Demonstrating the topics that RCP WILL TOUCH IN 100% CASES. Demonstrating the topics that RCP WILL TOUCH IN 100% CASES.


Dr. Sumanta Kumer Saha is World-Wide popular for the Best MNEMONICs. The charismatic mentor in MRCP World provides Easy way to remember the MNEMONICs.


100 % SUCCESS RATE in most of the diets in MRCP Part 1 & Part 2 EXAMINATIONS since 2009.


TIPS & TRICKS of learning the best approach to the question and applying knowledge into the scenarios to give the correct answer with confidence rather than confusion.
What Benefits You will get
You will be highly benefited if you are thinking about MRCP Part 1, MRCP Part 2 Preparation.
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Decision Making

You can decide yourself for pursuing your career towards MRCP.

Overall Guidelines

You will get the full, effective and proper NHS career guidelines on how to proceed in the journey of MRCP (UK)

Discussion of Every System

You will get the CLASS of each and every system of your MRCP Part-1 exam with all the above-mentioned course specialties.

Mock Test

You will get the chance to participate a mock test based on the covered syllabus of the day.

Question & Answer Session

You can directly interact with your mentor regarding any queries.

Question Bank Set

You will get a full Set of Question Banks (Soft Copy) containing more than 5,000 questions that are required for your exam preparations.

Lunch & Refreshments

Lunch & Refreshments will be provided by SsAcademy. Candidates will get A participation Certificate.