MRCP Ireland Part 1 Guide 

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MRCP Ireland Part 1 Guide 

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Welcome to MedEdu's MRCP Ireland Part 1 Standard Course tailored for an extended 8-month duration! Our program is meticulously crafted to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the MRCPI Part 1 examination. Through interactive sessions, comprehensive study materials, and extensive practice opportunities, we aim to equip you for success.


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Course Overview
  • 175+ hrs Unique Video Lectures
  • 32 Modules
  • 1050+ Hot & Important Topics Discussed
  • Complete Lecture Notes 3500+ Pages
  • A Full Set of Questions Bank
  • SBA 6500 Ans
  • Explanations & Notes
  • A Complete Examination Module of 12 System Test
  • Mode of Instruction: English
In this 8-month journey, you will benefit from over 200 hours of instructive video content, thoughtfully organized into 35 modules. Covering a breadth of 1200+ vital topics, our course materials extend to 4000 pages of detailed notes, ensuring thorough comprehension of key concepts. Your preparation will be further enriched by tackling 7500 SBA questions accompanied by detailed explanations and annotations. Moreover, the course encompasses 15 simulated system tests to replicate the exam environment faithfully.

MRCP Ireland Part 1 Guide Description

Our 8-month standard course offers an immersive learning experience, meticulously curated to encompass the entirety of the MRCPI Part 1 syllabus. Through engaging video lectures, comprehensive notes, and ample practice opportunities, you will develop a profound understanding of the subject matter while honing your exam-taking skills. Regular assessment through system tests will allow you to monitor your progress and refine your approach to the exam format, ensuring optimal readiness on exam day.

The MRCPI credential stands as a hallmark of excellence in the field of general medicine, endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and the GMC in the UK. Attaining MRCPI certification signifies an advanced level of proficiency in general medicine and signifies your capacity to deliver high-quality patient care. This esteemed qualification serves as a catalyst for career advancement, opening doors to a multitude of opportunities within the medical profession.

  Instruction 01 
The MRCPI General Medicine Part I examination consists of one paper with 100 Single Best Answer questions. You have three hours to complete the exam. There is no negative marking and each question is equally weighted.
  Instruction 02 
Single Best Answer questions consist of a 'vignette' (clinical scenario) followed by five possible answers. You must select the single best answer.Single Best Answer questions consist of a 'vignette' (clinical scenario) followed by five possible answers. You must select the single best answer.
  Instruction 03 
Questions in Part I are selected to achieve a balanced spread across medical specialties, the sciences underlying evidence-based medical practice, and the basic skills required in general medicine.
  Instruction 03 
Questions will be on common or important diseases in hospital or community practice. At least 75% of the questions will concern direct clinical care of inpatients and outpatients in hospital medical practice. Correct answers will be within up-to-date guidelines for diagnosis and management.
  Instruction 05
Basic science questions may cover anatomy, bacteriology, biochemistry, ethics, genetics, immunology, metabolics, physiology, principles of evidence-based practice and statistics.

Who can take MRCPI General Medicine Part I?

· Recently graduated doctors. You can sit MRCPI General Medicine Part I just six months after graduation
· Doctors working anywhere in the world who are looking for an internationally recognized qualification
· Doctors who have not yet joined a specialist training programme who have recently graduated from medical school
· Doctors who previously sat Part I but were not successful in passing this exam

Is there a limit on attempts to take the Part I exam?

· There must be at least six months between the date of your primary medical degree graduation and the date of the exam.
· From January 2019 the maximum number of times a candidate can sit any Part of an MRCPI examination will be limited to six attempts.
· This will mean that you have six attempts at each component of the MRCPI exams (i.e. 18 attempts in total across the three Parts).
· You must pass the Part I examination within six years of your first attempt. Click Here for more information

What to include with your application?

When you apply for this exam you will need to upload a scanned attested copy of your primary medical degree. Candidates who are registered with the Medical Council (Ireland or UK) may provide proof of Medical Council registration instead of uploading their Primary Medical Degree. The attestation must appear on the front of the copy. Your degree can be attested by:
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· An Garda Siochana (Irish police force)
· The issuing University or Medical School
· A solicitor/ notary public/ lawyer
· A Commissioner for oaths
· An Irish or British Consulate
· Your Embassy or High Commissioner

How to prepare for the MRCPI exams?

It is important to prepare for MRCPI exams and not to underestimate how long it takes to get ready to sit Part I. Having an understanding of how each exam is formatted and how questions are constructed will help you prepare and develop good answering strategies. When working in a busy clinical job with acute medical take, you should allow three to four months to prepare for MRCPI Part I.

When you're preparing your study plan, make sure to refer to the curriculum for Basic Specialist Training in General Internal Medicine, as the MRCPI in General Medicine is based on this curriculum. It serves as a 'blueprint' for the exam.

You should practise Single Best Answer questions by using books or online resources.

You should also read the regulations document for this exam, also available below.

What is the application fee?

The fee to sit Part I is €630 in Ireland, or €710 if you are taking the exam outside Ireland. The method of payment is credit or debit card, taken at the end of the online application process.

Don't forget, if you're in Ireland you can claim a refund of the examination fee under the HSE Clinical Course and Examination Refund Scheme. Click here for more information

What is remote invigilation?

All our written examinations will be delivered by remote invigilation. You sit the same examination (structure, format and length) online, but in a quiet, secure place of your choosing. Instead of travelling to an examination centre and sitting the computer-based examination with other candidates, you do the same test as originally planned, but at your own computer – e.g. at home or at work. Candidates are supervised remotely by invigilators throughout the examination. A quiet, secure environment means:
· A room to which you have exclusive access (single occupancy - not shared)
· A room that does not have integrated security cameras, or any recording equipment, other than the webcam on your PC or laptop
· You are confident you will not be disturbed during the examination, e.g. by traffic, construction work, or people

Are you exempt?

If you have one of the qualifications listed below, you are exempt from MRCPI General Medicine Part I, which means you are eligible to apply to MRCPI General Medicine Part II Written now.
As part of the application process you will be asked to upload an attested copy of your equivalent qualification(s).
· MRCPath
· Arab Boards in Medicine and Paediatrics
· Saudi Boards in Medicine and Paediatrics
· Omani Specialty Boards in General Medicine and Paediatrics
· Kuwait Boards of Medicine and Paediatrics
· MRCPsych
· FCPS in Medicine and Paediatrics (Pakistan)
· The American Boards in General (Internal) Medicine and Paediatrics
· MMed (Malaysia)
Dr. Sumanta Kumer Saha
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MBBS (SOMC), MD (Cardiology), MRCP (UK)
MRCPE (Edinburgh), MRCPS (Glasgow), MRCP (London)
Mentor – Ss MRCP (UK)
Consultant, Acute Medicine
Ashford and St. Peter's Hospital
NHS Trust Foundation, London, UK
Founder Chairman | SsAcademy
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