MRCP (UK) Part-2 
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Course Overview
This course duration is for those, who have short period of time before the exam. You should take this course if you have some experience of working as a physician. As because this is a super intensive course, you must study like 24/7. In this case, you can extend your course duration if you need.
In this course, you will get a series of 200+ hours Unique Video Lectures, 1150+ Hot & Important Topics Discussed, Complete Lecture Notes 3500+ Pages, & A Full Set of Questions Bank (SBA 6500 Ans, Explanations & Notes) & A Complete Examination Module of 12 System Test.
Dr. Sumanta Kumer Saha
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MBBS (SOMC), MD (Cardiology), MRCP (UK)
MRCPE (Edinburgh), MRCPS (Glasgow), MRCP (London)
Mentor – Ss MRCP (UK)
Consultant, Acute Medicine
Ashford and St. Peter's Hospital
NHS Trust Foundation, London, UK
Founder Chairman | SsAcademy
Our most successful candidates are settled in International Renowned Hospitals.
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  Course Overview
  • 200 Hours+ Video Lectures
  • 1150+ Hot & Important Topics Discussed
  • Complete Lecture Notes 3500+ Pages
  • A Full Set of Questions Bank
  • SBA 6500 Ans, Explanations & Notes
  • Mock Test After Every System
  • Final Mock
  • Mood of Instruction English
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • My Mentor Academic Support
  • Course Extension Option
  • Certificate 

Course Contents