Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE)

SCE - Acute Medicine Online Course

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SCE - Acute Medicine

  Duration : 2 Months

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 A Complete Online Preparation For SCE - Acute Medicine. The Course includes Video Lectures, Lecture Note Discussion, PDF Documents, Mock Test, Certificate and 24/7 My Mentor Support. Get the most Demandable Course in your Hand and Be Specialist in Acute Medicine. Enroll Now Today  

Course overview

The SCE - Acute Medicine is a Special Qualification for doctors who work in the field of Acute Medicine. It is given by the Royal College of Physicians and is one of 11 similar qualifications they offer. This qualification shows that a doctor has reached a certain level of expertise in Acute Medicine, which can be helpful when applying for jobs in the UK.

What's included?

  • 100+ Hours Video Lectures
  • 254+ Video Lectures
  • 277+ Learning Unites
  • Question Banks
  • Mock Test
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