Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE)
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SCE - Renal Medicine

  Duration : 2 Months

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  This course is specifically designed for the SCE in Renal Medicine in such an unique way so that a candidate preparing this specialty examination will have an adequate, proper & effective preparation so that a good candidate will PASS this exam in a Single ATTEMPT. 
Course overview
Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE) is a post-graduate qualification provided by RCP-UK (Royal College of Physicians of the UK) and SCE in Renal Medicine is a post-graduate qualification Renal Medicine so that a physician will be competent enough to deal with this specialty. 

What's included?

  • 15+ Hours Video Lectures
  • Question Banks
  • 100+ Mock Test
  • 32+ Video Lectures
  • 40+ Learning Unites
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