Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQs on Course

 What is MRCP UK Online Course?

It's a complete online course for MRCP UK examinations where the learners get the updated lectures which is made only for the Online Course Candidates through a special interactive e-learning Platform.

How it works? 

This e-learning Platform is as simple as you watch videos in YouTube where the mentor delivers the lecture of each & every important topics with a high quality study materials which is very unique , conceptual and palatable that is, highly encountered in the exam with provision of current guidelines and questions focused notes & discussion.

 What are the differences in 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 months Courses? 

There are 32 Modules* in MRCP UK-1/2 Online Course . There are no differences in the course content, video lectures , exams and notes. Only the differences is in the duration of the course.
  • 8 Months, you will get 1 module in every 6 days 
  • 7 Months, you will get 1 module in every 5 days 
  • 6 Months, you will get 1 module in every 4 days 
  • 5 Months, you will get 1 module in every 3 days 
  • 4 Months, you will get 1 module in every 3 days
  • 3 Months, you will get 1 module in every 2 days 
  • 2 Months, you will get 1 module in every 1 days
  • 1 Month, All Modules will be opened together. 
[1 Module=3 to 5 hrs Video lectures included Notes , Exams & Question Discussion]

Which Course duration is recommended for me for the MRCP UK-1/2 Online Course?

It's totally depends on your availability of time .We usually recommend 8/6 Months course for comfortable study plan. If you have enough time to study then you may choose 4 /2 months course.
Which Course is Best Suitable for you ?

Ss PACES Online Course Specialties.

  A complete MCRP PACES Online Course of 5 Stations, 8 Encounters, 32 Modules, 200+ Clinical Cases, 200+ Clinical Approaches, 100+ History Cases, 100+ Communications & Skills' Cases, 400+ Presentations, 1000+ Ss Boxes, 1000+ Ss-Tips & Tricks, 1000+ Notes, 1000+ Questions & Explanations, 500+ Hours Video Lectures, 5000+ Hot & Important topics
  Learning Best Approach rather then traditional examination methods made this course Most Effective. 
400+ Presentation Skills made this course the Top-Rated PACES Course by the World's candidates. 
   1000+ Ss-Tips & Tricks made this course the Best Course in the World.  

Will all modules be opened at a time in 8 Months Ss PACES Online Course?

No, All Modules won't be opened together to ensure 100% Course Completion. 5 Stations, 8 ENCOUNTERS will be opened within 6 Months (Month wise).

Course Extension / Revision > If my course is expired , shall I extend/revise the course again ? 

Yes, you have the opportunity to extend / revise your course once it is expired or is active. 
Extend Your Course Duration

This course is really enough to pass the exam !

Yes , It's a complete course with a Series of 200+hrs Unique Video Lectures, 1150+ Important Topics Discussed , Lecture Notes & A Full Set of Questions Bank (SBA 7500 Ans , Explanations & Notes) & A Complete Examination Module of 12 System Tests + 1 Final Mock Test ] Which is More than enough to pass the exam. Soft Copy of the lectures Note/Questions Bank & Other Reading Materials you can use for lifetime 

Payment & Support

How do I enroll in a course?

To Enroll the course just follow the simple steps: 
Sign Up> Select Course > Pay >Start !

How do I pay? 

You can always pay with a Visa® or Mastercard® debit/credit card. In some countries, you can pay only by credit cards.

If I unable to Pay fees through credit/debit card then how can I pay ?

If you are unable to Pay fees through your credit/debit card then you can pay through Western Union/Money Gram/Money Transfer
Bangladeshi nationals can pay through Direct / Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to the respective Bank Account .
For any Assistence, Contact Us
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Can I share my user id & Password, Content Material with Others?

No, you can not share your user id, password and content materials with others. If you do so then the automated system will permanently deactivate your account. One user only allowed to use in a single device Laptop/Pc/Tab with a Mobile      

Refund Policy !

There is No Refund Applicable by any means. 

How can I get Support ?

We are always ready to hear from you .For any kind of support please feel free to contact with us :
  • +88 01798 66 55 00