MRCP In INDIA  - The shortest way to a successful career in medicine  

The MRCP (UK) has been nowadays the shortest way to a successful career in medicine around the world, especially in the countries of Indian sub-continent. MRCP is an internationally recognized medical degree. It is a post-graduate medical diploma in the UK.

It's Internationally, the MRCP (UK) portfolio of postgraduate medical examinations are regarded as valuable qualifications. This qualification is designed to test the skills, knowledge and behavior of doctors in training. The MRCP (UK) Diploma has been approved by the General Medical Council (GMC) as the knowledge-based assessment for core medical training.

You do not need to worry about what to do after MBBS to build up a successful career in medicine. This is the gateway exam to the Specialty Training. If one aspires international career, certainly MRCP is a better option. Nowadays so many of the famous Medical Institutes are asking for MRCP as a required qualification. Many MRCP holders who don’t have a general medicine (MD) has been working as consultant physician in various well reputed hospitals.

We would like to say 'YES'. MRCP (UK) is now given equivalency to the MD degree in India. Many MRCP holders who don’t have a general medicine (MD) has been working as consultant physician in private hospitals. Rather, MRCP provides you with some more benefits than the MD if you have a plan to settle even outside of India.

The most significant advantage of MRCP is in its wide recognition in home and abroad. A MRCP holder is given a higher status and pay in gulf countries as well as in other Asian and European countries than MD general medicine, even in Indian hospitals also.

There is better job opportunity also. It's also recognized in Ireland and Singapore if you are planning to do any fellowships. If you are planning to settle in Australia, it gives a boost to your C.V. if you are applying through specialist pathway.

It gives a double benefit of earning better remuneration within the country and at the same time gives an option to pursue a career outside the country. You can apply for CCT (Super specialty) after doing MRCP, from UK. Which is again equivalent to DM in India.

So, it gives you wider recognition. That means after completion of MRCP, you can practice in any part of the world without clearing any licensing examination except for USA and Canada. MRCP Career Guideline

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